"Exquisite piece of art, from a very talented artist! Proud to exhibit in my home!" - Private, FL

"I had to reach out to you, and thank you for our beautiful painting for you capturing everything

 I was hoping for. I am very happy to have met you and to share this painting with my home       .and it's walls." - Jennifer Majestic, NJ

"Amazing!! Great painting, great price, fast shipping and well packaged. Thank you! - Michael Elio, CT

"Viktoria took my idea and turned it into a beautiful piece of art. Looking at the picture she painted fills me with joy. Her price, her input and her adjustment to my requests throughout the process made it a great experience.  I highly recommend Viktoria to all my family, friends or anyone who needs a painting. She is an exceptionally talented artist."  Susan H., MA

"Beautiful!! Love the personal touch to my order! " - Mayrissa Fender, CA

"To sum it up, she absolutely, artfully catches the beauty of silence. As strange it may sound

.it was love at first sight. Just beautiful." - Nick Mcginnis, WV

"I wish I could buy them all!"

"Fantastic Viktoria! Your art is beautiful. I'm a huge fan!" - Mattie Phipps, VA

"I love my beautiful painting!" - Yarelis Rodriguez, OH

"Thank you Viktoria I think this is just so lovely and perfect! Will cherish!" - Medana Gabbard, TX

"I could not be happier with my commissioned painting. As a young and first time buyer, I didn't quite know what I was getting into. This was the first piece of art, that I have ever commissioned. Viktoria helped guide me every step, even suggesting that I go down a size so the piece would look better. She was extremely patient as I collected the photos, and sent me updates at least once a week. The finished painting is absolutely jaw dropping. Viktoria really cares about you and the portrait, and it's obvious in the art. Thank you so much Viktoria."   Hana B., NY

art collector testimonials

viktoria majestic

" Safe delivery, outstanding painting technique." - Karim Halabi, Arab Emigrates

" Safe delivery, outstanding painting technique." - Dimitri Bobrov , Russian Federation

"Beautiful oil painting! Thank you! - Dietrich Holz, Germany

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