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Buildings over 3000 square feet are priced on an individual basis.

Smallest size available: 5"x7" for only $85.

Guidelines for commissions

I use a photo of your pet /home to create your painting. I require a clear photo that indicates the composition, design and season of the year you’d like for your painting. Sometimes it’s helpful to have more than one photo (for example, one photo shows a good composition for a painting and another photo might give me a better idea of the colors and lights). If you have several photos that you like and you can’t choose, I can help you narrow down the choices into what will make a good painting. Emailed photos are best, but if you only have a hard copy I can also work with that and return it to you.

Average processing time of a custom painting is 3-4 weeks unless otherwise noted.. Upon  initial request I send you progress photos  or you can wait until the end to see the finished piece. Once I reach the final stage I will get your approval. I can do minor adjustments at this stage, but it will be mainly finished. Once payment payment is completed  I will ship the painting.

Upon request I can also paint bigger sizes and other shapes, including the atypical tall, horizontal, or square shapes. In general, each additional pet in a painting is an additional 50%. Same goes for very detailed backgrounds. Payments can be made by check or PayPal. Shipping is not included in the price of the painting.

Feel free to Contact me for any questions or comments. Please, type your message below.

Hello and welcome!

There  are a few guidelines below to give you an idea of what I do and how I paint  pets and  homes. I offer discounted whole sale prices
for real estate professionals.

I paint with oils on stretched canvas. The canvases are unframed, if requested I paint around the sides for a finished look. here.

5x7                                                                   $ 85


Vikoria Majestic Fine Art Oil Paintings